Make BBQ Chicken legs in just 50 Mins.

When we heard about the BBQ chicken legs water comes in your mouth for sure. This recipe lets you around the childhood memories. As making this dish is not a simple task but by this recipe, you can make a mouthwatering BBQ chicken legs for your loved ones. So let’s start:

Time to Complete:

This dish normally takes 50 mins to complete. In that 5 mins for preparation and 45 mins of cooking.


The ingredients for making this dish are as follows:
– Leg pieces of chicken around 12.
– olive oil one by the fourth cup
– sea salt half teaspoon
– black pepper grounded half teaspoon
– paprika half teaspoon
– cumin half teaspoon
– cayenne pepper one by the fourth teaspoon
– two chopped garlic cloves
– onion chopped three tablespoons

The procedure of cooking:

You have to follow these simple steps to make the perfect BBQ chicken legs:
1) Place leg pieces of chicken into an extensive zip-top bag of plastic. In a fluid measuring container or little bowl, combine salt, olive oil, pepper, cumin, paprika cayenne pepper, onion, and garlic. Pour this mixture over chicken and zip up the bag, taking consideration to evacuate however much air as could reasonably be expected.
2) Shake the zipped bag to guarantee all the chicken is very much covered with the mixture. Place on a little-rimmed preparing sheet or within a casserole and into the fridge to marinate for no less than one hour to overnight.
3) For baking the chicken, make the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the chicken onto the rimmed sheet used for baking or a skillet covered with a touch of olive oil. Now, bake that until the inner temperature registers 160 degrees Fahrenheit with a moment read thermometer, around 30 to 35 mins. After that expel chicken from the oven and coat that with the BBQ sauce. Come back to the oven and wait until the BBQ chicken legs register 165 degrees Fahrenheit with a moment read thermometer.
4) Expel from the oven and permit to rest around 3 mins before serving the dish.

Things that must keep in mind:

For a faster recipe, overlook time for marinating and essentially combine spices, olive oil, onion, and garlic and coat chicken prior baking. You can likewise utilize your most loved packaged BBQ sauce set up rather than the natively constructed recipe.
Now you are all set just decorate the dish with some garnishing and place it in front of your family. I am sure they will love this dish and you will create a powerful impression.