Gas Or Charcoal Grill, Which One To Choose?

Which way of grilling is better for me
gas and charcoal grill combo? It is a point to debate over. The passionate,
outdoor cooking fanatics and die-hard grilling enthusiasts would go by the
quality and process of cooking with charcoal grills, but the new grill buyers
would go for the gas grill. The deciding factor over gas or charcoal grill
remains to be a convenience, price, and taste.

The Convenience Factor

Let us examine the convenience factor
first the gas grill is the obvious winner. Gas and charcoal grill combo have
the specific features of push-button ignitions, harmonious and steady heat
source that can be put off immediately, excellent temperature control and are
easy to clean up. But charcoal grillers show this to be a ritual storing up
charcoal, lighting it, managing the fire and temperature.

The Taste Factor

So the taste factor is the determining
factor. Though grill fans don’t find any difference between foods prepared on a
gas or charcoal grill, charcoal races argue otherwise. To them, the smoke from
charcoal briquettes or wood coals differentiates it from regular kitchen food.
Gas grill businesses have improvised ceramic floor bars to catch the drippings
and evaporate into smoke to obtain the quality of the food being cooked.

It remains balanced, and the debate can
continue for long. Since you are incapable of deciding, I would recommend you
buy both. To enjoy outdoor cooking and partying, it is a charcoal grill and to
cook a quick grill meal use the gas grill. Here your budget steps in as the
deciding factor or even the space factor. Check out the critical gas/charcoal
grill. That can be a solution.

The final decision comes from your
lifestyle, you and your family. If you ask for opinions, one would suggest the
type he/she uses. The choice depends on the cook and how and what he cooks. A
charcoal griller enjoys the fun of grilling, and it needs full care while
cooking on it, while gas grill cooking is less nerve-wracking and more

A charcoal grill is ignited with charcoal
or wood, and the fire requires to be built with a beginner, which can be
electric starter, chimney beginner or gas starter. 

How can we make leftover BBQ the most delicious food in the world?

BBQ is really an excellent food for everyone. The texture,
the taste, the smell and the nutrients it provides, are all excellent. However,
the BBQ we get may not always be fresh, and you will not want to eat this kind
of BBQ in such a state. So that is why you need to reheat the BBQ. But the
question is—what is the best way to do so?


Moisture loss

First we need to identify the cause of a BBQ to loss its
freshness, and that, is moisture loss. The moment you slice a brisket, the
quality of it begins to drop immediately, and rapidly. It you do nothing and
just leave it there, it will even start to petrify.


This is because when the brisket is exposed the air, the
moisture inside it will start to escape. The moisture loss can quickly
deteriorate the texture of the brisket, and finally, making it impossible to
really put it inside your mouth.


Wrap them up

If you have some BBQ left over, and you want to continue
your enjoyment sometime later, then you must wrap them as airtight as humanly
possible. This can prevent air from reaching the bbq itself, and thus, reduce
the extent of moisture loss of the BBQ. This is an essential preparation step
for reheating the bbq.

Steam the brisket and revive it

When you are ready to resume enjoying your brisket, what you
need to do is to steam it. This is a quick way to bring your piece of BBQ back
into an edible state. You can use a hybrid double boiler, or a veggie steamer


When you are steaming the bbq, the rising steam can provide
moisture to the meat. This can help the meat recover from the moisture loss
happened earlier. Also, the steam provides the heat necessary to warm the meat.
After several minutes, your BBQ is back into life.


Alternative: Boiling water

If you do not have the material required to steam the bbq
meat, then what you may do is to put the BBQ meat in a bottle of boiling water.
But do not just but it right away. You need to use a plastic bag to tightly
seal the meal first. Again, this will provide the heat to warm the meat, while
the water will slowly take the place of the lost moisture of the meat.


However, notes that after all, the steaming method will be
more effective than this method, although this method is not significantly

Enjoy the BBQ

After you have done one of the methods mentioned above, what
you then need to do is just to sit down, and relax, and enjoy the rest of the
BBQ. If you have extra attention, think about why the BBQ can be that yummy.